Dentures at our Rock Hill Dental Office

What to Expect when getting Dentures

The dentists at Espinal & Willis – Carolinas Center for Advanced Dentistry in Rock Hill can create a removable denture to replace your missing teeth and the tissues that surround them.

Once you receive your new set of dentures from our Rock Hill facility, they may feel odd or loose for several weeks until your cheek and tongue muscles adapt to them.

  • Initially, you may experience soreness or minor irritation.
  • All of these issues will disappear once your mouth adjusts to your new dentures.

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A Complete Denture

A complete denture can be immediate or conventional. Our Rock Hill dentists will create your conventional dentures after your teeth are removed and your gum tissues begin to heal. The dentists at our Rock Hill facility will put your conventional dentures in place sometime within 8 to 12 weeks after they remove your natural teeth.

Immediate Dentures

If you are interested in receiving immediate dentures, these are created prior to the removal of your teeth.

Immediate dentures are positioned directly after our dentists remove your teeth at our Rock Hill facility. This technique allows you to have teeth while your gum tissues heal. Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures may require several fittings to ensure they fit properly. This is because your gums and bones shrink over time.

The majority of dental insurance providers do cover a portion of the cost of your dentures. To find out the percentage your insurance will cover contact them directly.

Denture Development

The development process lasts between three to six weeks. You will visit our Rock Hill dentists several times.

Creating your dentures requires our Rock Hill dentists to make a series of impressions. These impressions are used to measure your jaws and see how they relate to one another.

The dentists at our Rock Hill facility will create wax forms, models and/or plastic patterns of your jaws. These are used to make your denture. You will try your denture model on a few times at our Rock Hill facility to ensure that the shape, color and fit are right before your actual denture is cast. Once your final denture arrives at our Rock Hill facility, adjustments are made to make sure you are happy with the result.

Life with Your New Dentures

Because the dentists at our Rock Hill facility create your dentures to resemble your natural teeth, your appearance will not change very much. Some of our Rock Hill patients do notice that their smile improves, and their faces no longer look drawn in.

When you initially receive your dentures, you may need to wear them continuously for several days. This includes while you sleep. Doing this allows our dentists to know if your dentures need to be adjusted. Once any necessary adjustments are made, you should remove your dentures when you sleep to allow your gum tissues to rest.

Talking with Dentures

At first, you may have trouble pronouncing certain words. You can address this problem by practicing these words aloud. If you practice, in time you will be able to speak just as well with your dentures as you did with your natural teeth.

Eating with Your New Dentures

It will take some practice for you to eat with your dentures. The dentists at our Rock Hill facility suggest starting with soft foods that are cut into little pieces. Chew slowly and remember to use both sides of your mouth. Once you get used to your dentures, continue adding new foods until you are eating normal again.

  • Be careful when eating hard, hot foods or foods with sharp-edged shells and bones.
  • Do not eat foods that are really hard or sticky.
  • Avoid chewing gum until you fully adjust to your new dentures.
  • Never use a toothpick while you wear your dentures.

If you are interested in learning more about dentures or any other dental restoration technique, please contact Espinal & Willis – Carolinas Center for Advanced Dentistry in Rock Hill, SC. today. Our Rock Hill dentists are happy to help you with all your dental needs.