5 Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

5 Drinks That Stain Your Teeth


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The permeability of tooth enamel makes it extremely vulnerable to stains. Colored beverages can be absorbed by the teeth, which may lead to a brown or yellow tinge on the teeth. Acidic beverages are another problem for tooth enamel because the acid can actually wear the enamel away and temporarily softens the enamel; thus, making teeth even more prone to staining.

Bright Colored Beverages Can Stain the Teeth

The color in beverages comes from intensely pigmented molecules that are referred to as chromogens. These molecules easily adhere to the enamel; in addition, beverages like red wine, tea and coffee have tannins, which increase the risk of stains because they boost the number of chromogens in the mouth. Any beverage that is known to stain clothes, furniture and carpets will most likely stain the teeth.

5 Drinks that Stain Your Teeth

1. Fruit Juice

Dark juices (cranberry and grape) may leave a tinge of color on the tongue and teeth. Consider diluting the dark juices using spritzers.

2. Tea

Individuals who frequently drink tea tend to get stain due to the tannins. To avoid damaging the teeth, individuals should drink light colored beverages like white or green teas.

3. Coffee

Coffee’s dark color, acidic nature and the fact that coffee is another drink consumed at high temperatures makes it another beverage that can stain the teeth. Adding milk or cream can reduce the coffee’s staining effect.

4. Colored Soda/Pop

All colored pop/soda can instantly discolor the teeth. The citric acids found in colored soda/pop may erode tooth enamel; furthermore, soda/pop is full of sugar, which promotes tooth decay.

5. Red/Purple Wine

Wine is known to reduce inflammation; therefore, it is good for individuals with gum disease; however, the deep purple/red color may remain on the teeth. The tannins found in red/purple wine makes it even more likely to stain the teeth. Individuals who want to drink wine should rinse their mouth with water after they drink their wine.

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